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Is your financial future tuned for success?


"A caddy and our team have a lot in common"

A caddy adds guidance and support, which in turn, maximizes the potential to succeed. Our highly specialized team at Oaktree & Associates is here to support you. 

Should I risk hitting over the water?

The question we should be asking ourselves is, do I need to? Identifying and protecting you from the "Big Miss" is an important part of your planning.

What about flexibility in my game?

For the most part, I draw the golf ball, but sometimes I slice it. That’s ok, if you have a wealth plan that allows for flexibility. We build custom plans that are meant to change as your life changes and evolves.


How can I recover from a bad shot? 

It’s ok to be a little left or right, even in another fairway. Being 'out of bounds', that’s where we get in trouble. We help our clients avoid the unplayable lies.

Should I plan for the weather?

Golfers look at the weather forecast on a regular basis. It helps them plan for tomorrow. We're always looking at tomorrow's landscape to better help our clients make good decisions.


What am I getting for my green fees?

I’ve played just as many courses that I thought were worth the money as weren’t. 

Much like different golf courses and varying green fees, we have numerous types of plans that we can build you and  are all priced differently. This doesn’t mean expensive.

We are completely open and transparent about what it costs to run any given plan and what the advisor charges. You should know what you’re paying and what you’re getting.


How does an average golfer improve?

Find a coach that’s the right fit for you, work with a Wealth Management team that you connect with.   If you've been playing the same golf course or the same way for many years, and are not as excited to play as you used to be,  maybe it’s time for a fresh start.

Maybe it's time to play a new course with a new team that inspires you. Assante Oaktree & Associates.

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