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Chad Darbyshire

Wealth Management Advisor


A little about Chad

Chad has been a Wealth Management Advisor since 2006 and has teamed up with Alistair to create the Oaktree & Associates team which holds numerous licensees and industry accreditations. Our team has over 100 years of Financial Planning experience which allows us to provide the highest level planning for individuals & corporate cliental.


Chad is passionate about golf and his clients


Chad is an avid golfer playing over 150 courses just in BC, which includes playing a round with his father on Friday afternoons weather permitting. Chad also plays South Surrey softball and has been with the same team for the last 13 yrs. As well, Chad is involved with several local Groups and Associations in an effort to support and give back to the community.

Previous to becoming a Wealth Management Advisor, Chad was involved in several aspects of home construction (framer, electrician, pool builds) and guided his clients as a Real Estate agent for several years in the South Surrey area which gives him knowledge in property contracts and mortgage finance. Chad resides in the South Surrey area is a father to 2 lovely daughters, helping them grow as they move through life.

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