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what are you paying?


Related Cost

Holistic wealth management will ultimately include several aspects that all work together.
They include tax planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, cash flow/debt management, investment planning and estate planning. We believe all these services will result in significant tax savings which in turn will leave more dollars in your pocket. A comprehensive holistic approach will provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind that all areas of planning have been fully covered.


Oportunity Cost

This relates to the cost of not doing something or doing something poorly. This could attributable to a Team or an Advisor who simply doesn't care, or an ineffective Advisor with less skill implementing poor or ineffective strategies. This could be as a result of this advisor recommending short term investment strategies or quick reactions in a down market. In most cases the best strategy would have been to stay with the plan. No advisor has a crystal ball, 2020 is a perfect example that predicting the market doesn't work.

At Assante Oaktree & Associates, we have a well defined process with all aspects of your planning and as a result you can be confident that this plan is also one which is specific to your risk profile, comfort zones and long term vision.


Of course cost matters. Oaktree & Associates ensures we minimize all your costs whenever possible, and ensuring you receive good value for the money you pay us.

Taxation Cost

Taxes can account for up to 50% of your gross income, and your investment earnings can be taxed up to 50% as well. Maximizing the after-tax return is what we strive for, this is one way that we add value. Our team of professionals are here to ensure that any relevant tax planning is fully addressed and continues to be for the life of your plan.

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