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affluent families

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You have enough money to support an affluent lifestyle — with more than adequate savings to spare. You’re not concerned about your ability to pay for your children’s college or fund your retirement. But significant wealth comes with its own set of challenges and complexities.

Here are some of the unique wealth planning needs that families of significant means might need to address with a team of professionals.

At Oaktree & Associates, we have identified 7 areas that are fully addressed throughout our planning.

Understanding Your Net Worth
Many high-net-worth individuals don’t have a clear understanding of the value of all their assets and liabilities. They may have a good grasp of individual investments or assets but are missing an organized view of their total net worth.

It’s not uncommon for high earners or those with inherited wealth to lack an up-to-date, comprehensive view of their personal balance sheet showing how much they own and how much they owe.

You may have multiple investment accounts but lack consolidated reporting and real-time updates to valuation.  Net worth can also be difficult to assess when there are significant private investments such as real estate, collectibles, or business ownership which may be challenging to value.

Having all your assets and liabilities assessed and assembled by our team provides keen insights into asset accumulation and depletion, consolidated asset allocation, and net worth.  Having a single consolidated up-to-date view of all your assets and liabilities also makes it easy to share this information with your attorneys and accountant when required.

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