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Business professionals, business owners, and corporate executives understand the importance of future planning, goal setting and implementation. In most cases however, the daily rigors of their job require their most of not all of their attention and there is often little time left for managing their own personal financial affairs.

At some point, every business faces its own set of unique financial obstacles and challenges, so does every business owner. With the help of our wealth planning team at Oaktree & Associates, we ensure that you will be receiving the best and most up to date financial advice for your specific scenario.

Estate Planning

This is the single-most important tool for figuring out how your assets will be distributed after you’re gone.

Establishing and running a business requires a substantial amount of time, research, careful decision-making and hard work. Creating a roadmap for your loved ones allows you to maximize the value of your business for your estate, and to assist your loves one with unwinding or managing your business after you pass.


An estate plan is critical to provide your loved ones with a starting point and to ensure your affairs are looked after upon your passing.

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