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You’ve made it to retirement and that can be an exciting transition into a new segment of your life, it's important to ensure that your financial position allows you the freedom to spend time pursuing and enjoying your life's vision, dreams and goals.

At Oaktree & Associates, all of our wealth planning services for retirees are custom tailored to each client's specific vision, wants and needs as we understand that your situation is unique to you. Regardless of what plans you have for the future, our professional wealth management team can provide you with a plan that will allow you the certainty to pursue your goals you’ve worked hard to achieve.

Retirement Planning 

Retirement planning is a multistep process that evolves over time. To have a comfortable, secure—and fun—retirement, you need to build the financial cushion that will fund it all. The fun part is why it makes sense to pay attention to the serious and perhaps boring part: planning how you’ll get there.

You're retired or very close to retirement-You've had many years to plan and save. Retirement planning for retirees will differ from those in the earlier years of their retirement planning.

You're no longer working and it's all about meeting your income needs for the duration of your life, and ensuring that what you want to happen will happen if you pass away.

In most cases, preserving the wealth you've accumulated is more important than putting your assets at the same level of risk as in your earlier years of planning. Most likely, transitioning wealth and assets to loved ones at some point is hugely important to you as well.

Working with the right team that is equipped to facilitate and understand all your needs will provide you peace of mind, and having a team that will be there during your retirement is important as well.

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