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affluent families

Yacht Deck
Yacht Deck

You have enough money to support an affluent lifestyle — with more than adequate savings to spare. You’re not concerned about your ability to pay for your children’s college or fund your retirement. But significant wealth comes with its own set of challenges and complexities.

Here are some of the unique wealth planning needs that families of significant means might need to address with a team of professionals.

At Oaktree & Associates, we have identified 7 areas that are fully addressed throughout our planning.

Creating a Legacy
Some wealthy individuals have significant philanthropic goals they want to accomplish. There are many considerations when making substantial legacy gifts. This includes whether future generations of your family will have any influence over the way the donation is used.

Effective wealth planning helps you understand what your money can accomplish and what you can realistically afford to do.  The planning process provides a sounding board to think through the terms, conditions, and expected outcomes of your philanthropy.

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