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affluent families

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Yacht Deck

You have enough money to support an affluent lifestyle — with more than adequate savings to spare. You’re not concerned about your ability to pay for your children’s college or fund your retirement. But significant wealth comes with its own set of challenges and complexities.

Here are some of the unique wealth planning needs that families of significant means might need to address with a team of professionals.

At Oaktree & Associates, we have identified 7 areas that are fully addressed throughout our planning.

Managing Your Liquidity
Liquidity, the ability to convert the value of an asset into cash tends to become more important as wealthy individuals age. As you transition beyond your earning years and no longer have a pay-check, your assets need to generate enough income to fund your lifestyle. If significant dollar amounts are tied up in artwork, vacation homes, or a business partnership, those assets may not generate sufficient cash flow. Liquid assets may need to be converted into income-generating investments to fund your goals.


Liquidity can also be important in estate planning. Illiquid assets can be problematic to pass down, particularly when the assets need to be divided among multiple beneficiaries.  It’s one thing when business ownership and management is carried on by the family. It’s another when the beneficiaries do not intend to operate the business nor understand its value.

You need an experienced team in place to ask the right questions and determine to what extent liquidity is a factor when it comes to meeting your goals.

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